Monday, December 2, 2013

Its Henry Day!!

  Happy Happy Birthday to my hulk smashing, pink loving, happy go lucky mommy's boy who loves life more than anyone I have ever met, takes time to smell the roses and who always has time to get into everything he is not supposed too!

 You think Dora and Boots are the greatest thing on the planet, you have a slight obsession with crazy wild socks and the more on them the better. You think your brother hung the moon and your "sissy" is the cutest thing you have ever seen. You beat to your own drum and are my sweet quirky boy. You think there is no one greater on this earth than your mommy and you could melt anyone's heart with those big brown eyes and hilarious expressions you make with them! You love school and are such a talker! I can not possibly imagine a second of life passing without my favorite middle child and my baby boy! Are lives are so much better with you in them!!

Love you to the moon and back my 3 year old!!!

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