Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Day!!

  Thanksgiving was a tad different for us this year because J had work on Friday. Totally okay with us since he ended up getting off at 11:30!! We drove up to J's grandparents for the day and the boys were beyond excited to see Grandmother (because they LOVE her fried chicken) and Uncle David (because he always provides tons of entertainment) Henry is a little partial to Katie too! 

We had a great day and the kids got plenty of attention complete with lots of fun new toys from Uncle Richard and Aunt Liz. They played outside, wrestled, played a little football in the house until something almost got broken, and ate WAY to much ice cream! 

We had fun catching up with everyone and looking through all the catalogs and sale papers!

We made it home just in time for baths and bed and then I met up with my sweet friend Carrie from some shopping! We both just wanted to get out for a few hours and since that NEVER happens for either of us without little ones we took full advantage! It was not crowded anywhere and we had the best time! Carrie finished her Christmas shopping and since I was already done I just grabbed a few last minute stocking stuffers and some birthday gifts I needed. 

We got up early Friday morning and had breakfast delivered by Pop, Tiffany and Andrew and we spent a few hours hanging out with them at the mall and Costco! 

It was a great Thanksgiving and I am thankful we got to spend it with J's grandparents who always go out of their way to make everyone feel so loved and important in their family. 
(Thankfully Katie got all these pictures since my phone was DEAD and I forgot my camera!)

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