Monday, January 13, 2014

Chaos and Cold

Last week was chaos, I mean chaos like we never have! That is also saying alot because J and I always joke that there is never a dull moment around our house.

I realized two things...1. I am so so thankful for my dad. 2. I am also thankful for the boys school and a routine! 

It was cold, like bitter cold here and it just doesn't usually get cold in Alabama. So, when your dad reminds you 27 times to drip the faucets on Monday night. You forget because you are rushing to a birthday party and when you get home you are rushing to get kids bathed and in bed so you also forget to shut the garage door...OOPS!

Needless to say when J shot up in bed at 3:30 Tuesday morning it was too late! Pipes were frozen solid! So we prayed they did burst and took a drive to see Pop and Nana and use their showers Tuesday night!

Finally on Wednesday while I was feeding Maggie Kate lunch it started dripping, then it was actually running out of the kitchen faucet and then I walked into the garage and well it was flooded! I got soaked, got the water turned off, called my dad, then called J, then called the neighborhood management company, then called my dad back, then changed clothes and prayed MK stayed put in her high chair, then called my dad back. Whew! J got the garage cleaned out, I went to pick the boys up from school (after only 2 hours since they had gone in late everyday that week) then pop came and fixed the busted pipes!

I have never been so happy to shower in my own shower finally on Wednesday! Thursday was just as crazy and Friday Em and I left before daylight to head to market where we busted it for two whole days! J had kid duty so he was a tad busy too! 

This week I am praying for a little calmness and some sunshine :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Last week parties

  The boys last week of school was filled with fun parties with their class friends and some with our favorite friends and special teachers.

Jack's party was the day before Henry's which worked out so well! I got to go and enjoy just him and not have to bounce back and forth between two kids. Anna came over and kept the two littles so I could have some time with Jack. His teacher is WONDERFUL and every year her husband makes gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate at their party. It was so much fun they loved it! They also loved snacking on the sweet treats too!

Henry's party was the next day and MK had to tag along. I am one of the room mom's in H's class so I picked up some of the supplies and we had pizza for lunch! We did a fun game and a book swap instead of lots of little toys that everyone usually throws away! It was fun! Henry and Charlie gave their teachers Tootlebugs treats and they even modeled them for us the next day for pj day! HA!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Santa Brunch

The Sunday before Christmas week we went to Santa brunch at the club with the Oatridges after church. We had the best time! The kids were wild, but happy to see Santa and repeat their lists and they loved all the desserts and the candy bar. (that was right up Jack Henson's alley) The food was AMAZING!!! I could totally eat some of those fried oysters right now! HA!

Maggie Kate was actually okay with Mrs. Claus, but as soon as we tried to sit her in Santa's lap the kicking and screaming started!

We are blessed with friends that are like family and it was fun to get to spend some time with them and celebrate Christmas!