Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Last week parties

  The boys last week of school was filled with fun parties with their class friends and some with our favorite friends and special teachers.

Jack's party was the day before Henry's which worked out so well! I got to go and enjoy just him and not have to bounce back and forth between two kids. Anna came over and kept the two littles so I could have some time with Jack. His teacher is WONDERFUL and every year her husband makes gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate at their party. It was so much fun they loved it! They also loved snacking on the sweet treats too!

Henry's party was the next day and MK had to tag along. I am one of the room mom's in H's class so I picked up some of the supplies and we had pizza for lunch! We did a fun game and a book swap instead of lots of little toys that everyone usually throws away! It was fun! Henry and Charlie gave their teachers Tootlebugs treats and they even modeled them for us the next day for pj day! HA!

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