Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Last Few Days

  Its been a whirlwind around here since last Friday, and I have not had the time to sit down and blog about hardly anything. I did rush MK through 2 month pictures just so I would not forget and it be month 3 before I realized I never did month two!

Friday Henry celebrated his birthday at school with a little CFA. Their snack is in the morning and that boy loves some chicken minis. He got to hold the flag for the whole school to do the pledge and then they sang Happy Birthday to him. I managed to snag it on video and it is so cute!

Saturday Em and I had to be somewhere for Tootlebugs all day and when I got home Jack was running a fever. And it just went downhill from there. Henry got it, then J got it. We had to postpone birthday cakes and plans and my poor bug spent his birthday in pajamas without eating anything and throwing up all day long! MK and I escaped it, but J was still feeling rotten on Monday, so everybody was home. We missed Jack's Christmas brunch and program at school, but that is life with littles.

Everyone seemed better until this morning and I think Jack now has the throwing up part that he escaped the 1st go round. Our sweet Anna is here helping me out today and Jack finally seems better now that he has gotten some meds.

I am finishing up some work and doing lots of online shopping since obviously its much easier than dragging 3 all over town. (I still do it to them some anyway!)

I am praying everyone is much better this weekend. We have Polar Express (Henry's birthday treat instead of a party), Birthday re-do with Emily, Kyle, Pop and Nana, a much needed SHOPPING TRIP with the girls and church that we have missed the last 3 weeks!

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