Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MK Two Month Check Up

  Monday was Maggie Kate's 2 month check up. We held our breath, did not touch anything and changed our clothes quickly when we got home! Thankfully the boys were at school because there is sooo much going around right now. 

She is weighs 12lbs 9 oz (75%) and is 22 inches long (25%) She is perfectly healthy and did well with her shots, well except that she was up all night that night, but that is okay.

Her soft spot is very small, but still open. My doctor is not concerned about it and told me not to google it! (she knows me too well) She also said that we would know by now if it was going to have caused a problem and that some kids just close earlier than others. She will probably have a smaller head, but Aunt Emmy does too. I am praying for peace about it because I worry, but I fully trust our pediatrician and her judgement.

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