Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful List

  I am thankful for middle of the nights and early mornings with my sweet girl.

I am thankful for naps. The naps that give me time to play ninjas with Jack and the naps that give me time to clean house, fold endless amounts of laundry, and work

I am thankful for  those 30 extra minutes that Henry gets to stay up after Jack on days he has had a long nap. The excitement on his face when he realizes he has undivided attention is priceless

I am thankful for our home. It may be too small and not have a big enough yard, but its the home we brought all three of our babies home too. Its the home where we created and completed our family.

I am thankful for change and that the biggest change in my life brought my children two extra grandparents that love them dearly

I am thankful that my sister lives close by, shares a business with me, put up with my husband at work, and loves my babies endlessly. I am not sure what I would ever do without her

I am thankful for Chick-fil-a and Dr. Pepper. Its one of those things that gets me through the day sometimes

I am thankful for Tootlebugs. God has blessed me with a great opportunity, the best work partner, and some wonderful friends along the way

I am thankful for a hard working, loving husband who has truly proven himself this year to be the Godly example to me, Jack, Henry, and Maggie Kate. He makes me proud! I am glad I have had these years with him.

I am thankful for a washing machine to help me keep up with the 25 loads of laundry a day and that all that laundry piled on my bed reminds me that I have 4 happy healthy people to do laundry for

I am thankful for my forever friends. The ones that may not be close by but that you love like family. I cherish our phones chats, texts messages, and love knowing that the ones close by are there if I need anything at all ever. They love my children endlessly

I am thankful for my dad. He is ALWAYS willing to help me whenever I need it. I don't have to beg or even ask twice. Even when he hasn't felt good or was busy. He loves my kids more than anything.

I am thankful that J and I have 3 grandparents that have been able to live to see our family complete. They are so thoughtful and giving in every way. I am thankful for a Gran who prays faithfully every single day for my family

I am thankful for a church family and sunday school class. We found our fit and I am thankful God put us there

I am thankful for my Queen of Carpool pass. It makes the money spent totally worth the extra hour it saves me each school day with a newborn

I am thankful for a mom who thinks of all the little things and spends her weekends making christening gowns and playing outside with little boys when she gets the chance

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