Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My 3

I never intended to let two weeks go by without a blog post, but life with 3 has proved to be a new challenge. Its crazy and so busy.  Mix in no sleep with wild little boys and well I am about to fall out by 8pm!!  J has been great help and even sent me out on a dinner date with my sis last night and he watched all 3 and even got the boys haircut. The quiet dinner was AMAZING and the sushi delicious!

Today I managed to snag our sweet Anna for a few hours. The boys were so excited and I was so glad to have 3 hours (between feedings) to get some errands and me time. She brought some famous Steel City Pops which were yummy and said she fell in love with MK who slept in her arms for a while! She managed all 3 with ease and the boys were sad when she left.

I have lots of pics to post and will hopefully catch up soon, or maybe not, but who cares I am loving life with these sweet 3 no matter how tired I may be!

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