Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

 We spent Thanksgiving Day with J's family this year. 
We had a great day and lots of fun! We missed my family but were so thankful that J's Grandparents got to meet Maggie Kate and spend some time with her.

 We played outside lots, ate tons and tons of yummy food (granddaddy fed Henry which was a nice break) and Maggie Kate was able to meet everyone and get lots of love!

 Henry was totally smitten with John's cousin Katie and Jack had way to much fun playing with John's uncles and his granddaddy. 

 I skipped Black Friday and decided the one thing I was going for was not worth standing in line or going with out sleep, which is a prize in its self these days. 

We were sad that it didn't work out to spend time at Aunt Shan's but we got lots and lots done at home and enjoyed having J home for a few days!


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