Saturday, September 22, 2012

Four Years Old

I can not believe you are 4! Four seems like such a big boy to me!

You are so happy, full of life, and independent.

You love school, your friends (especially Reed, Elliott, and EmK), you are OBESESSED with ninjagos, legos, and Little Debbie Smores. 

You are FINALLY potty trained, and that was a HUGE obstacle but one we conquered before you were 4!

 Naps have been replaced with TV time and playing with toys you can not play with when Henry is awake. 

You have moved to a big boy booster seat and you are not the least bit shy. You have the best little personality and will talk to anyone and everyone.

"Are you happy to be" is your favorite thing to ask when you get into trouble and when you have to be asked more than once to pick something up or clean your room you say "I'm mam" 

You love your brother and are going to be a great big brother to your sister too!

Everyday with you is an adventure and often times very challenging BUT I would not trade my days with you for ANYTHING!!!

You are my sunshine Jack Jack!!


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