Thursday, September 20, 2012

MK Update

  Leave it to the little girl to be the dramatic one! My doctor thought she had flipped back side to side yesterday after all that pain and discomfort flipping her last week, I thought I would cry! They did an ultrasound and she is still sort of head down, but really big and taking up all of my space! If she will just drop she won't be able to flip again and that would make it 100% certain I would not have to have a c-section. With two little ones already I DO NOT want to have to take that route, so please say a prayer for us. I am so ready for her to come, but I can wait if means I can avoid a c-section.

Her heartbeat was 156, I had lost 3 lbs, and everything else looks great! No swelling and a normal blood pressure!

My next appointment is Monday (nothing like a doctor's appointment on your birthday) and then we should have a plan of what we will do if she does not make a debut next week!

And on a side note I will gladly take suggestions to make labor come on. I have tried eggplant parm and I am not willing to drink castor oil.

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