Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cooking Dinner

We have a a busy few days and we did lots and lots of Birthday partying and I have lots of pictures to put up! J gave me one of the sweetest gifts for my birthday and he had the 1st year of my blog bound. After watching Jack spend about 45 minutes looking at it it made me what to blog more. Not for anyone else, but us so that I have all these wonderful memories to look at and remember my boys, they grow up WAY to fast!

I LOVE birthdays. My mom and dad always made then extra special for us growing up and I have trid to do the same for Jack and will for H too. So after we put the boys to bed Wednesday night J and I got Jack's gifts all ready for him to see when he woke up Thursday morning. We had his favorite doughnuts for breakfast and had a fun dinner Thursday night with Aunt Em and Uncle Pookie complete with cookie cake! YUMMM!!!!

Jack is so obsessed with cooking dinner because J does and he always plays kitchen at school and at the science center, so we thought it would be the perfect gift and something both boys would eventually enjoy. (the shopping cart was a freebie from Pampers points!)

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