Wednesday, September 28, 2011

29 Again!

I decided that I am going to stay 29 forever!! (Only kidding) but my 20's have been so wonderful, so I really hated to leave them behind! I married the greatest man in my 20's, gave birth to TWO beautifully healthy baby boys, bought my 1st and 2nd houses, survived putting J through law school all while working 3 jobs and still being poor and thinking that $20 was an expensive night out! HA! and so much more. So I guess 30's you have a lot to live up too!!

We had a great birthday weekend complete with a day at the spa, a copy of my blog the 1st year bound, a FAB new bag, a fun surprise-ish party with great friends, and being called my sister's mother...HELLO 30!!

What can I say, I am one lucky girl!!!

With lots of wonderful friends and family too!

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