Thursday, September 22, 2011

How 3 years have flown by!

Three years ago you turned my world upside down and made my heart happier than it has ever been! I can not believe how quickly 3 years have passed! You are one fiery strong willed little boy who loves life more than anyone I have ever seen.

This year you have learned to talk more than I ever thought possible! And boy are you smart and witty just like your daddy! HA! You love movies, sweets, Dr. Pepper, and chick-fil-a. We play dinosaurs, trains, cook dinner, and race cars daily. You LOVE to put things in a line and everything has its place, unless of course you are trying to see how big of a mess you can make of the playroom just to aggravate me!

You LOVE to sing and dance and you are currently obsessed with the Price Tag song, and always think I should be able to make it magically appear on the radio as soon as we get into the car. You love school, Aunt Emmy's pink ipod, talking on the phone, and your daddy more than anything. You and Daddy have to read Gobble, Gobble, Crash every night before bed and you read your lines on Que every time. Barney, the very hungry caterpillar, 4 snuggles, and your special blanket get to sleep with you every night!

You are a good big brother and love Henry, sometimes too much!

I love how full of life you are and how you make every minute of every day exciting!

You are my brown eyed love and I would not trade a single thing for the last 3 years!


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Grannie Rains said...

Oh my goodness, how has he grown. Love watching them grow.
Blessings to you all...