Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh Hump Day

Today has been one big comedy of errors, but at least now it is half over! YEA!! I am really trying to not cry and just laugh it all off as I sit here listening to Jack knocking on his bedroom door because he does not want to take a nap! He is staying in there until 4pm, so I guess he better find something to entertain him or else take a nap. (If only I had 2 free hours locked up in a room with my bed!)

Jack LOVES LOVES LOVES his water table and we enjoyed a couple of hours out there last night when J got home from work. Henry likes to be outside too, so I guess with all these boys I better learn to love it and the lovely smell that comes with it.

I am learning to manage working with two and this week has really tested me. I have been very lucky and worked hard to make Tootlebugs sucessful. I know it will pay off, but boy! It has given me the ability to be home and enjoy extra things with the boys. I also have some great help now in Emily and she is bringing some new stuff to the table which is fun too. If only I could convenience her to quit her day job!

So I am not going to sweat the small stuff today, but just don't cross me! HA! And love these chunky monkey legs some more, even if it means staying up until midnight again to get work done! Its worth it!!

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