Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It over..Hallelujah!

I think I might just let out a little version of the hallelujah chorus tomorrow when Jack gets out of the car at MDO. Its been a VERY long Spring Break with both boys having RSV and J swamped at work. He has really been good for the most part, but we have also enjoyed lots of togetherness. He woke up this morning asking for his school friends, so I think he is a little over me too! When I got him out of his room after the nap he did not take. He had his golf visor on and demanded that I let him look at himself in the mirror, then he said cheese mommy and sat patiently in my sewing chair while I took his picture, and then demanded that we send the picture to daddy. Oh and then we had to call daddy about the picture. He is one little ham!

Henry on the other hand is just as content as can be. He is such a sweet baby and probably going to be my laid back much less high maintenance child, other than when he is eating!

I also decided yesterday against J's opinion to get this for Jack.
We do not have a yard and this would fit perfectly in our newly fixed up courtyard and give Jack something to do outside without me having to be right there with him. J did not like the price, but I scored a good coupon, so after a quick trip to Buy Buy Baby Jack can now play away with his water table! And considering that he played out there Sunday for over 2 hours with a Home Depot bucket of water, I think I made the right choice!

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