Monday, March 28, 2011

A little list

I LOVE reading lists that people put on their blog. I think it might be because I am a list maker and love the simple neatness of it, so since its been awhile here is my list to catch you up!

  • Gigi came to visit this weekend. I did not take one single picture, check or reply to any emails, and actually spent a Saturday shopping for the 1st time in about 3 1/2 months
  • Em, Henry, and I helped mom find some super cute clothes for her vaca to FL
  • Uncle Kyle and J took Jack to the gun show. Jack apparently loved it and came home with two rubber roaches that he loving refers to as his bugs. He loves to try to scare you with them
  • Speaking of bugs on Friday the same little boy decided to pick up a may fly and put it on me! I hate may flies and he thought it was hysterical to watch me squirm
  • Jack is still obsessed with his water table and sings the Jake and the neverland pirates song as his way of asking to go out and play with it...its just about one of the cutest things ever!
  • I am not in panic mode with work for the 1st time in about 2 months AND I am actually going to spend some time this week working on stuff for the boys since their Grandi made them some super cute stuff that needs monograms and shirts to match
  • Henry has started laughing lots and it melts my heart. He loves when you talk to him and will just smile. I can not believe he will be 4 months old on Saturday
  • I was clearly not prepared for cold weather this week and felt awful that I dressed the boys way to springish for church yesterday
  • Have a mentioned that I love, love, love that J cooks dinner most nights and that we are all slightly obsessed with this. I promise it will change your life, even if you thought you did not like olives.
  • I am ready for a vacation, but not really ready for the turning 30 that is coming with our vacation this year! I am thinking 29 again!
  • Our taxes are finally filed and paid. YEA!!
  • I signed Jack up for MDO this summer. He needs playtime with his friends and I need to work and take the occasional trip to the grocery without having to use Mentos as bribery
  • I am having withdrawls from Hobby Lobby and must go this week
  • Really, really, really need to buy some new blue jeans and get a pedicure ASAP, like as in should have done it yesterday!

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