Monday, February 7, 2011


So today I took Henry for his 2 month doctor's appointment which meant two shots and some yucky medicine that they expect a 2 month old to drink, yea right! And I honestly thought he weighted about 13lbs as I mentioned in my last post, so last night during Super Bowl partying we all placed our bets on what he weighed. Since I am the one who holds him 18 out of 24 hours each day I thought of course I should know, so I guessed around 15lbs thinking that was a little high, but that he sure seems heavy, so maybe it was not too off. Well, our little chunky monkey is (insert drum roll) 16lbs 4oz. WHAT? He weighs 6lbs more than Jack did at the same age!! He is in the 97% percentile for weight and 90% for height. He is also the biggest baby our doctor has had at this age! The bad part is in 5lbs we are moving to a new car seat, and I was sure hoping for more time in the pumpkin seat, just for convenience. Oh well!! We love those rolls and wouldn't change his perfect little self for anything!

Jack had school today and apparently he learned how to do karate chops from TV and tested it out on Aunt Emmy! That boy is something else and its amazing to see what he comes up with each day. We have been practicing saying the says of the week, and he is so funny because he will say no instead of the days when I start to get on his nerves or if he thinks I am making him practice too much.

The forecast today is also calling for more "winter mix"' this week, and I think this time I might cry if that happens. I have been nice and patient but I am ready for spring, or I am moving further south...and to think I thought AL was far south enough!

Happy Monday!

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