Thursday, February 10, 2011


Jack has this new thing were he wants to hold Henry and he wants to feed him, and since Henry wants nothing to do with a bottle the 2nd option for obvious reasons is out, so I try to appease him about once a day and let him hold the baby. He'll say I baby hold and then after about 5 seconds he realizes this is not much fun and this baby is over half of my size, so he'll say okay baby bye-bye and you better be right there to take Henry, if not I think he would drop him!

Jack also thinks or rather thought it was so funny to sit in Henry's bouncy seat. Well after numerous time outs and spankings he sat in it again Tuesday and guess what??? It broke! Our nice bouncy seat that we got as a gift when Jack was born...broken!! Not what I wanted to have to replace right now, but I had no choice so I printed coupons to Buy buy baby and Henry and I took a field trip yesterday. While there and since I had an extra coupon I decided to get Jack the cup tray for our new stroller since he LOVES to put his snacks in a cup holder and it would also give us a place to put the DVD player. So last night I went into the garage to put it on the stroller. Jack who was already in a HORRIBLE mood he had to sit in it and wanted pretzels. So, yes I let my child sit in the stroller, in the garage, and eat his pretzels. Mother of the year, right?

He was in bed by 6:45 and thankfully since he was in such a mood! I sorted my coupons and off I went in the snow to the grocery store. It was quiet and there was plenty of bread! And this morning we woke up to this...

It's 8:15 and everyone is still asleep around here, so we are going to enjoy a nice day at home and having J here until 10am!

Happy Snow Day!

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