Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring In January

I think the only time I can seem to find to blog lately is around here we are, but not likely to be able to keep this up since my little chunky monkey is still waking up to eat at least 2 times during the night.

It was beautiful this weekend and around 70 degrees Saturday and Sunday, and that is warm even for Alabama in January. We defiantly took advantage of the weather and did some strolling in the new double stroller, had a lunch date with Aunt Em and Uncle Pookie (don't ask) and scored some great deals on clothes for J.

And even though the weather won't last it was just enough to remind me that Spring will be here soon, and if not I am moving further south! HA!

For our lunch date today we tried a new-to-us pizza place and it was yummy! Jack is currently OBSESSED with pizza, so we knew it was sure to be fun for him, and they even let him (and the other kids there) watch them make pizzas and gave them all their own dough to practice with.

He was covered in flour and had very sticky hands by the time our pizza was ready, but he loved it and we loved not having to try to entertain him while waiting at the table for our food! Henry slept like a little doll the entire time we were out, making me remember how different it is to take a 2 month old out to eat instead of a 2 year old!

Jack got a new train book yesterday, so as soon as we got home he hit pookie up to sit and read trains, and of course he agreed!

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