Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What you missed in January

or rather, what I did not get around to blogging about.

Last weekend we headed to TN to spend the weekend and visit the Downs and J's grandparents since none of them had gotten to meet Henry!

Well J's grandmother got sick, so we cut our trip a little short and came on home thinking we would go back again when everyone was well, but after an impromptu trip to TN J's dad was kind enough to bring them down for the day last week. We had a great visit and Jack LOVED all the attention and Christmas gifts!

Henry was happy to just be held, and I was glad to have someone else here to do it!

You also missed this...

I have been thinking, planning, and dreaming about cute little boys (or girls) in matching outfits well, I think probably before I ever saw those two pink lines the 1st time around, and the time finally came, and they were just as cute as I dreamed, well minus, the picture where both boys are not looking, you can see right up Henry's nose, and hardly any of Jack's outfit. But it really takes a miracle to get any halfway decent picture of a 2 year old and 7 week old especially when the said 2 year old thinks he should hold the 7 week old...okay you get my drift!

I think you are mostly caught up...so Happy February with (hopefully) more blogging!

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