Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yesterday was yucky and pouring one of those stay in your pjs all day and a total waste of makeup for sure, but guess who had a dentist appointment at 9am? So we were up dressed rushing around and out of the house by 8:30! And apparently Jack is too smart because its been 6 months since his last cleaning and as soon as we pulled up in the front of the office he started tearing up and saying no teeth, no teeth! So I bribed with a didn't work, and well I was sort of glad because I did not want to get out of the car again and drag to kids in Target for a treat!

Henry slept the entire time and Jack cried the entire time, but his teeth are perfect so all is well!

And if they would just learn to come out to the waiting room and mess with their teeth while they are so engrossed with video games we could save the screaming, crying, hand holding while kicking fiasco!

(and I have NOT told J that Jack can actually play video games, because I know that their will be enough video games in my future soon enough!)

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