Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can you imagine??

Since I am not feeling so great today and felt really yucky earlier, Jack and I enjoyed a nice lazy morning playing and catching up on my shows. Watching Tuesday's episode of the Biggest Loser I sat there crying and thinking of what an amazing person this is.

To have gone through such a tragedy something that I don't think I could survive, she choose to live again. It made me thankful for the family and friends and the wonderful life that I am so blessed beyond measure to have. It also reminded me why I choose to get up everyday and put a smile on my face and a positive attitude. Just imagine what this world would be like if we all tired just a little harder...

I sure cherish these two people more than life its self and will remember to be thankful each day for what they bring to my life!

If you have not watched the Biggest Loser this season you missed out on seeing how amazing Abby is. She was voted off last night, but I am sure you can read her story online. I highly recommend it!

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