Thursday, October 29, 2009

I finished this order for a baby gift last night, and I just have to show you. I think it is my favorite so far of anything I have done! Somebody I know has to have a girl soon!

Jack and I had a fun afternoon lunch playdate with Andria and Madelyn. (I forgot to take pictures!) Andria needed to drop off an order for me so we just made it fun with Subway and playing! Except for the part where Jack decided to bite Madelyn! We are working on that, but I guess we need to work a little harder. I told Jack that if you go to MDO and bite they will kick you out after 3 times. He does not want to be the biter in the class. Sara Ann said someone has to be the class biter, but that someone can be someone else's kid---NOT MINE!

We have gone on the dreaded weekly post office run, tried on Halloween costumes for the party tomorrow night, planned our errands for tomorrow, and are going to enjoy a YUMMY steak dinner thanks to Mrs. Ellen that works with J. She has to be one of the sweetest people. Last week she sent Jack this adorable UT feeding set and sippy. Of course we could not wait to try it out! Jack loves his UT sippys and they are hard to find! (Could it be becuase we live in AL??)

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