Monday, October 26, 2009

So Much To Say

You will have to excuse this post as I am fully aware that it is a little all over the place! We had lots going this weekend and lots to talk about.

Mrs. Ellen that works with J had a birthday today and Jack and I had to get the presents together. this morning. I decided to make her a little something too!

That is what I spent my weekend doing, so I thought I would share!

These were ordered for a birthday gift.

I did this, just in case Jack does not have enough to wear! HA!

J went to the UA vs. UT game and had a great time. I think he thought it was the best game he had ever been to. He also commented on the tradition that UA has and how neat their game day experience was.

While he was off at the game Jack and I shopped, but only came home with something for J (We love the new Land's End shop at our mall) then we went for Mexican and Boo at the Zoo with Pop, Aunt Em, and The Oatridges. It was crowded and a little too old for the babies, but they will love it in a couple of years! We stayed long enough to walk through it all, take lots of pictures, then headed to Starbucks for some warm coffee.

Say Cheese

Trick or Treat

Potty Break

Jack and Reed (The itsy bitsy spider)

Every event in Alabama has a football theme area, right? WAR EAGLE!!

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