Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

We have so much going on right now as you can imagine since "THE PARTY" is only 10 days away!! So forgive me if I am not the best blogger right now, but if I promise you lots and lots of the 1st birthday coverage then you'll forgive me, right??

-I got Jack's Halloween costume in the mail today! It is sooo stinking cute. I went with the crab! (And no Jessie, I am not monogramming it, so it is all yours next year!)

-I have some envelopes (actually lots) to address today for another very special event. (more on that later)

-All the consignment sales in our area start this weekend and I can not wait! I get to shop early tonight at Giggles n Grace since I am working it on Saturday. Love, love, love all the deals on those smocked clothes!

-Jack is cutting 2 more teeth. I guess the good news is that we are getting them all at once. But the bad news is he has become such a little biter. We are working on this and he is quickly learning what happens when we bite!

-I have fallen in love with Their diapers are cheaper and get this, the are delivered at your door in 2 days, no tax, no shipping, and even better....NO TRIPS TO WAL-MART for last minute diapers!! The car seat came from also. I saved over $100 on it!

-Speaking of car seats... I had researched and researched and we finally decided on a Britax Marathon in this fun print! And thanks to all of our sweet friends and family this is the 1st thing we have had to buy! How awesome is that?
-My heart is really hurting for a friend today. Please pray for her and her family in the next few days and weeks.

-We have to go buy more ribbon, card stock, and tablecloths today! (I feel like I am planning a wedding!)

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