Friday, September 11, 2009

Consignment SALE scores!

I had so much fun last night shopping the consignment sale early. I can not imagine what kind of chaos it is today and I am really looking forward to working tomorrow!

There was so much stuff that they even had to pile some on the floor. I was able to get all these clothes for about $85. Great price since most of them look new AND one of the outfits alone costs more than my total! ha! (If you have ever priced or bought Beaux et Belles then you know what I am talking about!)

And yes I know that is a Tennessee jacket, don't judge I am not the UT fan in the house.

This great toy by Parents was a steal and looked BRAND NEW. I walked away with it for $10, got home and searched for them online $100 new. Nothing like 90% off!!

Even if I did have to pay $100 the look on that sweet boy's face after I Cloroxed (totally OCD) it and put it in the floor for him was priceless. I mean could you resist that face??

Add in the $170 jogging stroller I got for $40 and I would say I racked up and I now know why all southern girls love the consignment sales AND will stand it line for hours just to get in one!

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