Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drum Roll Please

After SEVERAL weeks, lots of work and frustration I am finally ready to show you my 1st sewing project! I have to say it is very cute and after all it should be. It took lots of time. I could not let baby boy wear something ugly, right?

Not sure I will be sewing every day, but I have bought the fabric to start my next project, so we will see.
And the other side. I figured if I was going to the trouble it should be wearable on both sides!


MrsHonea said...

super cute! good job! You are taking sewing classes? Where do you do that? I couldn't sew a button on a shirt probably.

Tabatha said...

Very cute! You did an awesome job!

Mama said...

This is just sickening! I am going to fail at parenting if I can't do something that cute for my child. I'm so jealous. AND... could you please quit putting Jack and JHH on everything so I can buy some of his clothes!!!!

Anyways... I love it. Thats a major accomplishment!!!

I'm hoping to get down there some time soon to yard sale with you and Em! Tell Jack baby 1st for me!!!