Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Should I even explain...

I have typed, erased, and re-typed trying to find the right words to properly explain these pictures, so that you just might understand how funny they really are, but I just can not find the words, so I will just say this...

We were at dinner at Uncle Matt's, who sells real estate. He got this AWFUL (which really doesn't describe it) vase-statue-plastic-thingy out of a mega expensive foreclosure in a VERY affluent neighborhood, which makes it so much more amusing that someone would actually have something this awful in a 4 million dollar home, but they did!

Reed liked being on top of the world

Jack on the other hand takes after his mom and knows when something is so ugly that it even makes the cutest baby in the world sad!!

I know so silly, but I had to share because it makes me laugh every time I see it. Maybe you will get a good laugh too! After all it is the best medicine!!

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