Tuesday, September 22, 2009


WOW, is it really here? I am typing this and still can not believe it. This past year has gone by faster than I imagined and has been the BEST year of our lives. You have brought more joy into our home than I ever dreamed possible.

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Boy!

(My MOST favorite picture from the day you were born)

(Mommy's favorites from this month. I could not choose just one)

At 12 months you are:
  • Weigh about 23lbs
  • You are wearing 12 month clothes
  • You wear a 5 1/2 extra wide shoe and got your first pair this month
  • You have gotten lots of new toys and especially love the one that blows balls everywhere
  • You have learned to give high five and that made your daddy so happy
  • You crawled up the steps alone and scared us to death!!
  • Walking everywhere as long as you have something to hold on too.
  • You love your wagon and cry and cry if we take you out
  • You had your first bite of chocolate from Pop and we thought you were going to tackle him for another bite
  • You decided to bite everything this month. We are working on that!
  • You got your 5th tooth this month
  • You moved from your baby car seat, but are still rear facing

Happy First Birthday Baby Boy!
Love you more than you will ever know!

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