Monday, September 21, 2009

Jack's Baptism

I decided I would share the pictures of Jack's Baptism 1st and leave you in suspense about the party a little longer (oh, that and I have not gotten all the pictures back from the photographer yet, no pressure Jenny!!)

We decided VERY last minute to do Jack's Baptism the same weekend as his birthday so that we could try to make it as easy as possible on everyone since most all of our close friends and family had to travel. That made us able to share the special day with everyone.

Jack did great and only pouted a little when they sprinkled water on his head, we had a minor disaster right before we left to go to church when Jack cut is finger and got blood all over his Baptism outfit, but things have a way of working out and I had a back-up plan since his outfit was white. He was able to wear one of our best family friends babies outfits, which made it that much more special and left us with a cute little story to tell! And surprisingly I did not have a meltdown which totally surprised everyone! I am known for liking things just a little too perfect sometimes!!

Here are some of my favorites! (BTW, the photography is by Jenny at

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