Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jack's Birthday Extravaganza Supreme

Like the title?... that is what DH named the 1st birthday party.

I got the pictures back from Jenny today and well there are at least 500, crazy huh. So it will take me the next few days to show off all the fun we had because there are so many cute pictures. I guess we better get started! ha! I did a polka dot theme in green and blue with Jack's monogram on everything including the invitation. It could not have turned out any better.

We greeted our guests with this sign hanging on the front door.

Just inside I decided to put Jack's baby book out with a page for all of our guests to sign it. I bought this Gail Pittman vase at a garage sale for $2 and it matched the decor perfectly! I decided flowers were a little too girly, so I was ecstatic when Emily came up with this cute idea for the vase. And thanks to my mom for the sewing projects like this table cloth and the table runner!

Is this not so cute??

I decided that I could make a banner like the ones selling on Etsy for $30+, so with some help from Sara Ann, who had tackled the project in May we did it! It the middle is his invitation and the polka-dot towels were monogrammed for the kids.

The favors for the grown-ups. They are yummy special rice krispies that are my grandmothers secret recipe!

Stickers for the favors.

The food, cake and baby bites from a local bakery THEY ARE AWESOME. You have not lived until you have tried baby bites!

The outfits...We just could not mess up his party outfit eating cake, so I ordered this adorable onesie from Golden Shop and I could not have been more pleased with how it turned out. She also did the bib too!

And finally the presents with Jack so patiently waiting for all those toys!

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