Saturday, August 15, 2009

So Cute

So I am extremely picky about Baby Boy's clothes. They must be one piece ALWAYS with the exception of pj's and that is a recent thing. They also need be smocked, appliqued, or monogrammed! That is a hard thing and can be very $$$ if you don't do lots of searching. (Hints why I am learning to sew!) I have bought some separates for this fall. We will see if he ever gets to wear them! I came across this website a few months ago and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cutesy things Keely has to offer. I ordered this bib for us. (It was $5)

I also got this cute outfit for baby Will. Including monogramming it was $10

So, when I saw she was having a giveaway. I knew I had to try my best to win. Visit Keely at
for your chance to win too. While you are there you must order some of that oh-so-cute fall stuff!!

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