Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Well Jack and I got home from our trip to South AL last night and we both slept wonderfully in our own beds! Jack slept until 7a this morning and that is a rare treat. We enjoyed a lazy morning then headed to church. We are sort of having a little separation issue and Jack loudly let us know that he was NOT at all happy for us to leave him in the nursery. He survived and was contently sitting in the stroller eating animal crackers when we returned.

This afternoon I worked on a couple of projects that involved spray paint and a little prep work to do something with chalkboard paint! I think working on Jack's birthday and sewing class is making me feel crafty. (we will see how long it lasts)

Speaking of, we got lots done this week at my mom's and gran's for the big party including taking up his cutey-pie outfit that I am determined he is going to wear even if it is too big! I also got my fabric for Jack's jon jon I am making in sewing class. It is going to be sooo cute! We ate lots and lots of yummy food and shopped until we dropped, literally!

Jack also got to have his 1st ride in a golf cart. (Yes, I made sure John was okay with it before I let him go!) He was not really sure about it at the beginning, but once we saw the ducks I think he loved it and almost fell asleep! And if you know Jack's daddy, his Jeepers, and his Granddaddy then you would totally understand the golf thing! The child is destined to play golf.

Excitement when Gigi came home from work!

We also got to spend some time with my "little Cuz" She is the baby of the family (or was until Jack came)! She was staying at our Gran's house this week too. She was so sweet with Jack and I think he knew how cute she is. He would sit in the floor outside the bathroom door in the mornings and watch her get ready for school. I laughed and laughed at him because he was totally taken with her.

We had a great time, but were so glad to get home and see that daddy! We have a crazy busy day tomorrow. I am tired just thinking about it.

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