Monday, August 17, 2009

More Trip Pictures

There were more pictures I wanted to share, but could not squeeze them all into one post, so here is the last (I promise) of the weekend.

My favorite pictures of Jack and my mom. I got tons of criticism from my group of friends about the outfit Jack is wearing. Then I realized since when do I care what anyone thinks and proceeded with having it monogrammed. I am so glad I did because he looked so cute in it. The best part, it was $4.95 brand new with the tags from my favorite online consignment store! Of course my mom looked cute. If I was that small, oh the clothes I could wear!!

This is the only picture I have that I think the child even remotely looks like me (and no it is not because of the pout face) John agreed, but Emily said no way. Of course he is his daddy all the way.

My mom and gran make the most delicious fresh peach pie EVER! Think cold not hot with fresh peaches and piled high cool whip. Obviously we don't get them often since peach season is not very long and that makes them oh so much better! Jack was no exception and loved it. He even rubbed his face in my mom's dress...with a cool whip face!

My gran enjoying her peach pie!

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