Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do these pictures look straight to you?

I spent my afternoon helping my sister hang pictures. And let me just say that trying to hang 12 pictures evenly spaced apart is not easy. We tried the paper thing 1st, and well Emily did not exactly cut the paper the right size so we had to scratch that idea!

I agreed to help thinking I would run right over after church, help out for an hour or so and still get back to my house in time to see my dad who was over to see Jack, of course! What was I thinking! FOUR hours later I got home. We did manage to get them all done. I think I walked back and forth from one wall to the other and said does it look straight to you about 500 times.

The finished product looked really good. I love her new look in the living room and the new hardwood floors(thanks to my dad) make all the difference in the world!

The finished product.

And my "niece" Sadie Bug. She does not like me at all and hid the whole time I was there! I am not sure what she will think about Jack crawling all around her territory!

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zack and amanda jones said...

amy! i just found your blog and am laughing my head off! i love it. i miss you and all of your fabulousness! you do look like you are just the same as i remember. lipstick always perfect! i saw emily on here too! how is the family?? its good to see you on here and you'll have to check out ours-we moved to wyoming last year so theres not quite as much shopping out here!!!
amanda (bishop) jones