Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shopping, shopping, and more tax free shopping

Jack and I have done more shopping in the last two days then we have in a long time. He is getting to that not-so-much-fun stage while shopping. He wants to either be out of the stroller (which is not an option because I refuse to be one of "those parents" who annoy ALL the shoppers. No offense if you are one of those moms!) or moving, and, well that only works if you are strolling for exercise, not trying to browse racks at Macy's.

So yesterday's shopping was quick. A stock up on diapers since they were included in the tax free sale AND since diapers do not go on sale we'll take the 9% discount! We also got the opportunity to go with "uncle" Matt to shop for two children in our town who did not have any school clothes. Their mom is dying of cancer and can not work. I could not stand the thought of those kids going back to school with no new clothes. We had so much fun buying for them. I wanted Jack to be apart of it. Even though he does not understand now, one day he will. He is so blessed and I want him to always know that!

Today's shopping adventure was more for us and for Steph's mom. (She had a date tonight and needed to be oh so cute!) They like my fashion advice and of course I agreed to go. After all what women turns down a day of shopping? Daddy was playing golf! ha! We had lots of you can tell.

After 7+ hours at the mall we came home and crashed. I made a quick dinner and we all watched Nemo. How cute is this little monster in his new pjs?? Ready for bed!

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