Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Wedding Dress

UPDATE: This video was on the Today Show this morning. John and I watched it before he went to work and we could not stop laughing. It is totally fitting for this post. Don't you wish you were brave enough to just let go and have that much fun! If the bridal procession was this much fun, how much fun was the reception!

I have had so much fun participating in the blog hop over at Kelly's Korner so I decided I would play along this week too. But there was only one wedding was so long ago in such a small town that my pictures are not even digital. ( I need to fix that) I know crazy right? And no I am not old!

So, I decided to show you my sweet sister's wedding dress! I loved her wedding and her dress was beautiful. My sweet husband says to him I was the most beautiful in the pictures from her wedding, so how could I not show them off. (Yes, he still thinks I am beautiful, not just that once!)

The bride wanted black and hot pink, hints the black sash which was tied with my grandmothers antique diamond brooch. My mom made her veil, we did the flowers, and her bouquet was tied with black ribbon and my diamond brooch.

This picture is my favorite! It represents three generations in our family, AND

little did we know that my sweet baby boy was about to make four. And be the first boy in twenty-seven years!

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MrsHonea said...

OH my gracious! That video was amazing! haha

Your sister's wedding colors looked great. Love the dress u were wearing.