Sunday, July 26, 2009

NICU Reunion & Other Random Weekend Happenings

We had a busy and fun weekend.

John and I took full advantage of my Dad being in town (to put hardwoods in my sister's house) this weekend and went out for dinner with friends last night! He babysat, which he is more than willing to do especially since Jack can say Pop now! We had a great time at a local Japanese restaurant and since we had an expert who lived in Japan with us we tried lots of yummy foods like fried squid and fried tofu AND the best food in the world... SUSHI.

Today was a big day and a bittersweet one because we were able to attend the NICU reunion at the hospital where Jack was born. John and I are fully aware of the fact that we were one of the fortunate families in the room, since our 4 days spent in the NICU were for minor complications compared to the other families who spent weeks and even months there. Nonetheless when you are a 1st time parent and you hear that news that your child will spend time in the NICU it is something that shakes you to the core. I think that is the hardest I have ever prayed in my life and still when I look at my healthy and happy 10 month old I tear up just thinking how blessed we truly are.

We were able to see Jack's doctor (who was so wonderful when I was so emotional! His words were the only reason I was able to walk out that door the 1st night and leave my baby there) Dr. M has found his calling in life and I know God put him there for us that night we met.

They had us make a page for their scrapbook with pictures of Jack from the day he was born and now. Boy he has grown from that tiny 5lb baby!

It was a special day for our little family.

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