Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jack's 5th Birthday Recap

 We had a little lunch date with Aunt Em and Pookie, Pop and Nana and our sweet babysitter Ms. Anna the day before Jack's real birthday. They all came to watch his soccer game, but it rained so we opted for mexican (jacks choice) and some presents instead!

 On Sunday for his real birthday we went to church and then had lunch with our favorite friends here, the Oatridges! These two boys love each other so much!

 Jack loves ninjas and turtles and breaking boards and watching karate, so when I came across a groupon a few months ago for a birthday party at the Te Kwan Do place close by our house I jumped on it and it did not disappoint!

He loved breaking boards and cutting his cake with the big real ninja sword. It was so much fun to watch and we all laughed the entire time!

I still can not believe my baby is 5!! Time is flying!!!

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