Monday, September 9, 2013

Maggie Kate 11 Months!


Wow how much you have changed this month!!!

You have added two new teeth and about 15 new words! You are saying uh-oh, mommy, dadda, Jack, yuck, bye (with a wave), no (with a finger point) and it seems like you add something new daily.

You are standing on your own and on everyone or anything you can find. Your daddy gets working with you on your not so much! Your my last baby!

I got your first pair of shoes, but you haven't worn them yet. 
You had your first taste of organic whole milk and your not a huge fan, but I will keep trying
You are so so tiny!!
You love to eat and puffs and turkey are two of your favorites.

I honestly can not believe that you are almost ONE!!! Time has flown by quicker than I ever imagined possible and I have loved every minute of you!!! 

Happy 11 months sweet cakesy girl!!!

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