Friday, August 23, 2013

Working Mom

  We have the BEST babysitter and her mom even says she is the kids pretend grandmother! HA! Its nice to know that when I am working they are taken care of! And when she sends me pictures like this it makes me thankful!

I haven't always been okay the knowing someone else was taking them to the zoo or the pool or the movies. I struggled with working guilt just like other moms and it was easy for a while to let others negative and rude comments about me working bother me and create more guilt, but since MK was born I have let that guilt go. I work because its a necessity for our family to function properly. It works for us and J and I have a plan that works for our family. Yes its chaos and yes sometimes I am sad I missed these moments at the zoo, but at the end of the day I know my 3 are better off for having a working mommy and I am thankful I get to work from home and make my own hours!

And on side note because I do not want to forget this. The kangaroos  (or bunnies as Henry calls them) were apparently shipped off because they got a disease from a local animal that got into their habitat at the zoo. We only know that much because Anna overheard the zoo workers talking about it. The boys are so upset about it. We have discussed it for the last two days and their little imaginative minds have come up with a 1000 different stories as to what happened. It makes me laugh every time they mention because they get so serious and want to send them get well cards! I love those boys!!!

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