Monday, August 26, 2013

A List

  1. Henbug wore his last bubble to church yesterday and I am heartbroken! (at least MK is a girl so she can wear them until she is 4!)

2. Jack had his first practice on Friday for fall soccer. He was more concerned about the gatorade and what his brother was doing, but oh well!

3. For our every other Friday lunch date the boys picked Mexi-man cheese dip! I can remember crying when Henry was born thinking I would never leave the house again! I can not believe I can take all 3 to a sit down restaurant alone!!

4. MK is  talking and trying to walk and its killing me!!! My last baby almost isn't a baby anymore.

5. Jack and Henry play dress up of some kind EVERY.SINGLE.DAY  Last weeks outfit of choice was hip hopping and the child is OBSESSED with this fleece pullover, nevermind that it is 100 degrees outside!I also have NO CLUE where he heard hip hopping. The most hip hopping we do is Toby Mac's Steal My Show.

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