Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Vacay

We spent a few days last week at the Downs. All Jack and Henry have wanted to do this summer was go to the Downs. They talk about it all the time! And I mean who wouldn't when Aunt Shan gets you a pool, lets you stay up late and drink cherry coke! There are 3 kids to play with at all times and more toys than the law should allow. For those boys its paradise!! (its also pretty fun for us too!)  

This is the view you get when you wake up! People pay big bucks for that!!

 All 3 got to take their first ride in a big truck when we stopped by to see Shan at work, Jack played his first round of golf, we had a camp fire and made smores, and they played in the baby pool which led to J discussing that he really wanted to throw me in that baby pool and Caden begging him to really do it! (He knew better)

We are already trying to figure out a time to go back before school starts! 

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