Monday, May 6, 2013

Maggie Kate 7 months

This month has brought on more than I ever imagined! You decided I didn't need sleep anymore and that you were going to start moving all over the place! The days of laying you down are over because you will not be there for long!!

You have two of the cutest little teeth that popped up on the bottom this month and we have tried almost every baby food now. You haven't disliked much, but you HATE it cold!! Jack and Henry want to feed you and that almost always equals disaster, but they still try anyway!

You have moved to size 3 diapers and 9-12 mos clothing. Your legs are the chunkiest and so cute! 

I think you have finally stolen Henry's heart now that he knows you are not going anywhere!! 

This picture sums you up perfectly right now and you are the most amazing happy little girl I have ever known. Everyone who gets a chance to spend time with you loves you!!! We are all touched by your sweet spirit everyday and you make my days much brighter!! 

Love you sweet girl!!!

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