Tuesday, January 15, 2013


  Did you forget? I did not, but it just never made it here. So FINALLY here is the Christmas recap and its a long one!

We had a great Christmas season. Everyone stayed mostly well with all the flu going around. We had fun school parties, lots of time with grandparents and great-grandparents and Aunt Em and Uncle Pookie! We got to see all our favorite people and everything went mostly like we had planned. Gigi got sick on Christmas and had to go home and we could not seem to get it together to get with The Downs, so we still have one more Christmas to do when we finally get everyone together. 

We decided to skip the ELF and that was amazing! No stress on me and it gave us a chance to do advent calendars with verses everyday to remind us of the reason we do celebrate Christmas. I am not saying we won't ever do the ELF or that I am against it, but its just what worked for us this year. The boys were so funny doing the advent calendar. They knew it had candy in it and I would make them stand there and listen to their verse for the day before they could eat their candy. The funny part, I got starbursts and it took them 5 minutes to get them open which meant still kids while we read!

We had a quick visit with J's parents on Sunday before Christmas when they stopped by on their way home from TN. J's dad made some amazing gifts that we are really proud of.

 Jack sang in church on Christmas Eve.  Gigi and Geepers came to see him. They spent the night and J cooked an amazing Christmas Eve dinner. Minus the red velvet cake that I can not master it was yummy! Including 2 pans of Gran's rice krispies (that I think J and I ate most of) and Sara Ann's famous cookies it was a great Christmas Eve. The boys (and MK) opened presents from Gigi and Geepers and left cookies out for Santa before heading to bed. When J went up to check on the boys to be sure they were asleep Jack opened his eyes and said "Has Santa come yet?" when J said no he said "Well hurry up Santa." and went right back to sleep.

We woke up Christmas morning and all piled in our bed for the Christmas story before going to see what Santa brought. The boys were so excited to see what Santa brought (and that Pop got up to come see too) The dinosaur volcano was Jack's hit gift and I think Henry is pretty smitten with the family gift which was an ipad. That kid can work that thing like no one I have ever seen. We had brunch with Aunt Em and Pookie and spent the rest of the day in our comfy clothes playing with new toys and watching the rain fall. 

The Saturday after Christmas we celebrated at Nana and Pop's house. The boys got more fun toys and MK some cute clothes. We ate a yummy lunch that Pop grilled and I ate about 100 peanut butter balls. They are one of my favorite things about Christmas and Pop and Nana make some good ones! They left the big Santa up for the boys and we were glad to get to spend some time with them!

New Years Day we headed to TN to celebrate with J's grandparents. The grandmother always goes over and beyond in every way. the boys and MK got way to much and she cooked an amazing lunch as always. Henry stood at the oven poking her and begging for Macaroni and Cheese and Jack decided he might have a slight obsession with her fried chicken legs. As in got in a fight with Henry over it and had Aunt Melissa put one it a ziploc bag with his name on it in sharpie marker to take home. That boy never let go of that bag until we got home. (I think he thought Henry would steal his chicken leg) J's Aunt Melissa and Uncle David spent the day with us as well. They brought the best toys for the kids and Jack LOVES Uncle David. He is still talking about wrestling with him! They are going to make some good grandparents one day :)

We had some parties missed and some fun get togethers with our sweet friends. We had lunches out and cupcakes for breakfast. My house looks bare now and its sort of sad, but we enjoyed over a week with J home and each other! It was laid back and lots and lots of fun!! See you next year Christmas!

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