Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Last Days

  Almost 22 months ago, I wrote this post and I don't think I could say it any better today or tomorrow. 

Our family of four has been made perfect just the way God planned it for us. I am thankful for that time I have shared with my sweet boys..all three of them! I plan to cherish my last two days with them...just them.

 I am beyond excited that God chose to complete our family with a little girl, but nervous for this new adventure as well! Its bittersweet that this is the last baby for our family, but I think God designed it perfectly.  I am beyond thankful and in awe that He chose J and I for the job of these three children! We are so undeserving!!

Today on our last day at home...just the three of us...I plan to saver each moment!!

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Grannie Rains said...

How sweet! Enjoy each moment but the Best is yet to come!
Love, Carolyn