Monday, September 17, 2012

TV Day and Ninjas

  Well its here.... the big day! Aunt Em and I are making our TV debut for Tootlebugs! We are excited and I am sure we will be nervous in about 2 hours. It all happened so fast last week after we received an email from the producer of a local morning show called Talk of Alabama. We were thankful for the opportunity, but knew we had to act fast to be sure we could squeeze it in before MK comes. (Of course after Friday's docs appointment I was so not sure she would stay put until today)

Jack is obsessed with ninjas and mainly Legos Ninjagos. He has gotten Reed into them as well and you can imagine the excitement at our house Saturday night when The Oatridges stopped by with a early birthday gift for Jack (because Reed would not wait any longer!) Jack loves his ninja costume all the way from Japan and I am loving the Halloween costume #1 is taken care of!!

I think Birthday Week is off to a great start!!

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