Tuesday, August 14, 2012


  Its really getting hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that MK will be here in 6 weeks!! I feel like my list of to-do is over 1 mile long and I hope I can get it all done!

But in the mean time we are on our 4th day of underwear for a very stubborn 3 year old. I am already praying about potty training the other two. It has definitely been the biggest challenge. He knew what to do, but is so strong willed he just would not do it. We finally had to just tell him that he was not going to get pull ups or diapers back, so he did not have a choice. I am on my 4th day at home...getting a tad stir crazy, but at least we might be able to mark something HUGE off our list! Say a prayer for us!!

Henry is such a big boy in his big bed. We are going on our 2nd week of nights and naps in there and he is doing amazingly well. I had spent way to much time worrying about how he would do and not enough time having faith that it would be just fine! 

Our house is still on the market. When I start to get a little frustrated I just remind myself that God has a plan, its bigger and most likely WAY better than mine anyway. Its just getting hard to keep perfectly clean with two little wild boys oh and the minor issue of the huge belly and the fact that it is getting so hard to bend over and get up from being in the floor! HA!

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