Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We enjoyed yummy food with Aunt Em and Pookie for lunch on the 4th, then met up with our friends to watch the fireworks later that night. Jack and Henry were much more interested in the playground and soccer ball, but it was lots of fun!

We had our 1st peach pie of the season and it was YUMMY!!! We only get about 2-3 a year while the peaches are perfect, so we have to take advantage!

Checkers with Daddy for Father's Day breakfast!

Jack is talking 90 miles a minute and its amazing the things he picks up on so fast! He cracks me up with the things he says everyday, but Friday he made me really laugh. Its one of those things that if I don't type it here I will NEVER remember!

Henry loves to play with their little bibles and we have about 5. They were in Henry's room playing and Jack came out with the little bible in his hand and said Mom, J is for Jesus and this book is on fire! 

We were not at all surprised he knew that J was for Jesus from Sunday School and MDO, but the book is on fire part...we have no clue! It was certainly not our traditional Methodist preacher! HA!

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